Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Construction Update #3

Construction Update #3

 Well, A lot has been happening since my last post. We have been pushing the interior and exterior work all at once!

Interior Updates

Ceilings hung

Bathroom mold resistant drywall

Window drywall returns with Tearaway strip

Primer and Paint

Amish Kitchen Cabinets
 I should write a whole blog post about the kitchen cabinet experience. Dealing direct with the Amish has been interesting, amazing, frustrating and totally worth it! When we 1st met with them there was no showroom, no photos to see and no limitations on what they could do. All they asked for was the Type of wood (Oak, Maple, Birch, Pine, Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, or anything else we would want), dimensions for the kitchen and the dimension for each cabinet and a photo of the style we wanted and they did the rest. A nearby trim carpenter drove them up to the house and they installed them in 1 day. Once the counter top gets installed they will come back and finish the install (We have an upper cabinet that will sit on the counter top). 
Kitchen Island - 48" x 96"

 Breakfast nook - the upper will hold our microwave
Baking Prep Area - There is a bank of uppers to the right of the window that will sit on the counter top (with a pull out drawer for the mixer).

Interior Doors

Staircase (Upstairs and Basement)
The Main Stairs tread will be stained to match the laminate floor. The risers and stringer will be painted to match the trim. 

The Basement stairs will be painted

Basement Walls framed

You can see the cellulose filling the 8" space behind the basement framed wall.

Basement Windows Installed 

The window install detail is much like the above grade wall detail. We installed the window into the framed wall (to ensure it was in the middle of the R-Value of the basement wall). We wrapped the buck in rigid foam and sealed the window to our air barrier. Let me know if you would like more details on this installation.

Exterior Updates

Front Porch Framed and Roofed
The ledger for the front porch was installed over the rain screen

Trim to be painted white
Front of House (Faces West)

 North Side of the Garage
Back of house 
South side is awaiting a lift to complete the siding on the south 2nd floor and gable

Along with a few more blower door tests we will be installing trim, floors, final grade and water heater shortly! Stay Tuned!


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