Rochester Passive House Consulting LLC

Getting ready to build a house or put on an addition? Come on a tour to see how you can maximize your comfort and energy efficiency affordably!

1) High Performance Construction Consulting: 

  • The Passive House Standard is a Comfort Standard achieved though Energy Efficiency.
  • It is possible to completely eliminate a standard furnace from your house with proper insulation levels, airtight construction and a good ventilation system.
  • Find out more about Passive House here

2) Energy Audits:

  • Buying or selling a home? Get a HERS Ratings for a MPG Rating on the house to see how much you can expect to spend on utilities and identify comfort issues before it is too late!
  • Do you have pealing paint, drafty rooms, hot upstairs in the summer, cold rooms in the winter or just are you just generally uncomfortable? My Comprehensive Energy Audit will identify the problem, and offer a solution.
  • Since I am independent of a trade, I can be more objective to your specific needs.

3) Energy Code Compliance Services:

  • Print reviews to identify trouble spots when it comes to the blower door test
  • Heat load / cooling load calculations (Manual J): It is rare I see this done correctly the 1st time 
  • Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing
  • Energy Rating Index Modeling for and Energy Code Alternative Compliance

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