Sunday, January 31, 2016

Completed Air Barrier

Completed Air Barrier
So here is a run though of the important connections of our air barrier as we begin to prep for our 1st blower door test:

1) Sub Slab Radon Barrier - We installed a complete single sheet radon barrier before we laid down the sub slab insulation. This barrier was sealed and taped to the ICF foundation wall


2) Basement Wall - The inner most EPS foam of the ICF will serve as the air barrier from the radon barrier to the rim joist. 

3) Rim Joist - (See previous Post on the Rim Joist HERE)Before laying the flooring system we draped Solitex Mento over the poured ICF wall. This is what us Passive House Tradesmen call the "Floppy Bit". The Mento wrapped the rim board and was sealed to our above grade wall with Vana Tape. 

Rim Joist Detail

Mento To ICF connection

Mento to Zip Connection

4) Above Grade Wall - We installed the Zip System to cover the exterior side of the interior wall. All seams were taped and all windows (except large south side windows) and doors (except front door) were covered. 


5) Eve line - Before we set the trusses we installed a strip of Zip System on the top of the exterior walls. This will bridge the air barrier from the wall to the ceiling.

6) 2nd Floor Ceiling - We installed Zip system on the ceiling of the 2nd floor, taped all seams. The 2nd floor finished ceiling will be furred down 2 inches to allow for light fixtures and wiring.

7) Preparing for the Blower Door Test - We had a few windows and doors we needed to seal up temporarily to perform the blower door test (Mainly the basement windows). I used a few scraps of foil faced rigid foamboard to seal the openings.

The 1st floor south windows Rough Opening has been prepped and we will be installing the windows  Monday! (More details on the window installation in a later post)

Next will be our and conducting our 1st blower door test! Stay tuned! 

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