Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Video Compilation

 I have compiled a list of video's I shot during the construction of Rochester Passive House.
All of the Video's can be found by searching "Rochester Passive House" in Youtube


One of the 1st Video's I took was during the window delivery. They are heavy! We unloaded the container with a skid stear and had to push them into an on site storage container.

This group of 3 video's shows what we needed to do to raise the outer wall of our double wall assembly when the inner wall was already built

This video shows the setup and plumbing of our drain water heat exchanger.

This video shows the installation techniques of damp spray cellulose. This wall is an interior wall for sound deadening, but you can see the installation from both sides of the wall.

This video shows the technique we used to complete the insulation of our attic when we cannot see the levels of insulation. We need to maintain at least 24" of blown cellulose in the attic.

 Here is a video I created a week or so before we moved in.

Finally, Here is a video of the blower door set up and test

Hope you can make the Open House!

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