Monday, November 9, 2015

Window Delivery

Zola Window Delivery

On Friday we received our delivery of windows from overseas! It was both nerve racking and exciting. I've heard plenty of stories of domestic window shipments being delivered with broken windows and incorrect items. The fact that these windows were shipped all the way from Poland and not just across the country created additional concern for safe transport. Turned out there was no need to worry-the windows were expertly packaged! 

Zola provided us with a "what to expect" form. They recommended having 8 people on hand and a skid steer to help unload the shipment. The shipping cost included a 2 hour time frame to unload the shipment. We would be charged accordingly if the unload took longer. There would also be extra charges if we delayed the shipment for a day or 2. 

When I spoke with the shipping company on Wednesday to set up a time on Friday they said it was a 40 foot long shipping container. This only made me more nervous - how the heck could we unload a 40 foot shipping container in 2 hours without breaking anything.

I contacted Zola and asked if they could send me the "pre-packaged photo" so we could set up a game plan. They were very accommodating and sent the photo right over.

(Sent from Zola prior to window delivery)

This photo eased some of the stress. The whole container was not even 1/2 full, it was just all they had available to send when the windows were packaged. 

We set the delivery time up for around 9am. The driver communicated with us very well to ensure prompt delivery. 

Right on time!

We had to cut the locking pin off

Next we had to photograph the contents to make sure nothing appeared tampered with or broken. I can see Zola has done this before. 
Next we did an inventory - all 5 pallets were accounted for

Again, I was very impressed at how everything was packaged! 

Now the challenge began, we didn't have a pallet jack available to use, so we hooked a chain up to the pallets and dragged them to the end of the container with the skid steer

Then we had to spin the load so the skid steer could lift them out and set them on the ground. 

Once everything was out of the container I inventoried the shipment for completeness - PERFECT!
Our major lesson learned was a skid steer is a must, there is no way we could have unloaded these in the allotted time without one!

Here are a few stats on the Zola Passive uPVC series windows and doors:
  • 8 lbs per square foot
  • U: 0.11 (R-9) *Remember the glass is R-11 and the frame is R-7 so the larger windows are more efficient than the smaller ones
Window Cost Breakdown:
  • Passive House uPVC Triple Pane Windows were $23 per sqft 
  • Passive House uPVC Triple Pane Doors were $65 per sqft
  • Passive House Wooden Front Door was $135 per sqft
  • Double Pane uPVC Windows $15 per sqft (but they are still U:0.2 or R-5)
  • We paid extra for some solar heat gain adjustments (0.6 on south side and 0.3 on east and west side) so that increased the cost slightly
  • We paid extra for custom removable screens on all operable windows 
Total window package with screens, tax, duty and shipping was $30,900. 

The addition of window mullions would have just about doubled the cost of the windows, so be mindful of these during any future projects you may have. 

Now for comparison - an Anderson 400 Series wood window will cost $33 per sqft. This kind of proves the theory there is no correlation between window efficiency and cost among different manufacturers.

Zola Passive House uPVC Window -            U:0.11 (R-9), SHGC 0.50, $23 per sqft
Anderson 400 Series wood window -            U:0.29 (R-3), SHGC 0.31, $33 per sqft 

On my next post I will be going into more detail on the framing and designing for air tightness as we have to perfectly seal the joint between the foundation and the flooring system and the walls.


  1. Hello,
    Its really a very nice and informative post...I got good and essential idea about windows and Window cost...Keep posting...Thank you too much........

  2. Hey thanks for the informative post on all the things that can alter pricing and for including the cost. Did you price up other options when you got the quotes for the house lot? eg for timber frames

  3. I could probably do an entire post on my window estimates - Klearwall was the only company who did both a uPVC and Wood construction estimate. The wood windows were roughly 30% more expensive - and the frames are less insulating. I received estimates from Zola, Klearwall, Bieber, Intus, Marvin and Alpen/Logic. Marvin and Bieber only have wood construction high performance windows.