Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rochester Passive House UPDATE!

Rochester Passive House UPDATE!

We are planning out next open house for:
April 1st from 10-3. 

340 Quaker Meeting House Rd
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

Wow, time has FLOWN by! I can't believe it has been 4 months since my last post. So much has happened since my last post!

 I have been holding open houses fairly regularly to those looking for a short walk though.

I will be presenting at the following conferences in March:

  • 2017 Finger Lakes Building Officals Association - March 14th in the afternoon

  • RIT Students and Faculty Location TBD on 3/23 around lunch time

  • NYSERDA Event in the Buffalo on 3/28 at the Millennium Hotel

I have an exciting announcement I will be releasing the 1st week in March. I will send out an mass email as well.

Now - How has Rochester Passive House Performed over the winter?

October     - 345 Heating degree days - No Heat Needed
November -  572 Heating degree days - 124 kWh for heating energy -  $11.29
December -  1051 Heating degree days - 453 kWh for heating energy - $40.69
January    -  1052 Heating degree days - 453 kWh for heating energy - $46.18

So far in February we have used 301 kWh (Roughly $30)

Our total heating bill for the winter is $128.16. I would be shocked if we spend over $150 for the year!

The house has maintained about 70 degree on the 1st and 2nd floor and about 66 in the basement where there is no heat to speak of.

We have maintained our CO2 levels at or below 600 PPM all winter (with the exception of a large 30 person party where we pegged 1000).

Stay tuned for my update in a few weeks!

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